consider your destiny
i'm chaska and i have a diversity in media kink


people who reblog the “don’t hate cis ppl/men/etc” posts need to understand that there’s a difference between hating a person and hating a group, and 99% of the time people who say they hate cis ppl/men/etc are saying they hate the groups not the individual people within those groups, and hating groups doesn’t matter if it has no effect on those groups


comic book meme

[1/5] favorite female characters: Kate Kane


literally the best fucking show on this entire planet

Remember when The Saturdays were asked about their virginity and Una decided to reveal this little fact…? [x]

Do you have any secrets that would help you get through a zombie apocalypse? (x)

"I loved them. 
I grew up with them.
They made me whole.
They were my family."